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Nomad and UltraQuest Support

Select Technical Support

At Select Business Solutions, we provide world-class customer support for our tools, products, and processes. The goal of the support team is to resolve your issues as rapidly as possible. Our experience has shown that the more relevant information that is available initially the more quickly issues can be diagnosed. We recommend that you have as much of the following information available as possible to expedite the process of resolving your problem.

  • Platform the software runs on (Operating system and version, etc.)
  • Products and versions (Select Business Solutions product, Interfaces, third party products, etc.)
  • Severity of the problem
  • Specific symptoms of the problem
  • Circumstances when the problem occurs
  • Isolated reproducible case illustrating the problem
  • Software changes coincident to the problem’s onset

Contact us by phone or email, or click the Online Support Form link below to submit a support ticket electronically.

NOMAD and UltraQuest

Contact Us by phone or email

If you would prefer to call us, please have the following information ready:

  • Your customer account number
  • The product name and version
  • The operating system name and version

NOMAD and UltraQuest Support
Tel +1.888.328.7806 (USA and Canada)
Tel +1.203.383.4709

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