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Every IT Project is a business project. Some business projects have a significant IT component, and like any other project, they have to be justified and rationalized with a business case. Regardless of how new, fashionable, or feature-packed a software product may be, the bottom line remains just that.

UltraQuest Reporter offers an excellent return on investment, and improves the bottom line immediately. Often companies are promised significant ROI, but later find out that the implementation of the solution causes more problems than it solves, and what results are realized are less than tangible. With UltraQuest, nothing could be farther from the truth. Implementation is clean and simple, and results are immediate and impactful.

We think you’ll agree that UltraQuest is the best reporting solution on the market, and could revolutionize the way you access and work with complex mainframe data, saving you time, effort, and (most importantly) money.


UltraQuest will greatly reduce your distribution costs. UltraQuest delivers your reports through a variety of outputs, including email, PDF, online (viewed through any browser) and provides online and batch processing. End users can choose what delivery method they would prefer, and even choose when they’d like the report to run and how they’d like it delivered. This can virtually eliminate your delivery costs, printing costs, and considerably reduce the workload on your IT staff.


UltraQuest brings valuable data to your desktop with unparalleled ease. A clean, intuitive interface cuts training time to a day or two rather than weeks. Our direct access to mainframe data structures eliminates data warehouses and the costly mid-tier platforms they require.

Unique reporting capabilities allow for quick and easy customization of reports for your management and customers. UltraQuest combines all the power of the mainframe with the simplicity of the web, and gives your users what they need, when they need it, in whatever form they desire.

Maximize IT Investment

Years ago, you invested large sums in the mainframe platform and software. Even today, the mainframe remains the most cost-efficient storage and data processing platform. Now, you can leverage that investment forward and capitalize on the security, stability and processing power of the mainframe for years to come, while giving your users a clean, modern interface with all the advantages of today’s technology.

UltraQuest may also eliminate the need for other reporting and data extraction tools, allowing for reduced vendors and their associated costs.

Flexible Licensing

Our flexible licensing options allow for various site-specific needs, maximizing benefit, while minimizing costs. For smaller organizations with limited numbers of users, our user-based pricing is available. CPU-based pricing provides the most benefit to large organizations or those who want to distribute reporting facilities across the enterprise.

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If reducing costs, leveraging your current investment in proven technology, and streamlining your operations while improving the experience of your end users and management is of interest to you, we’d be more than happy to make it happen for you. Simply contact us at 1-888-472-7347 or your account manager to schedule a demo or evaluation today!


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