Version 5.0 introduces dashboard support to UltraQuest. A dashboard is a visual display of important information available on a page or screen that can be understood with a mere glance to help drive business or other objectives. These visual displays provide an overview and help pinpoint areas where additional investigation or action needs to be taken. See sample below.

In addition, the new UltraQuest dashboards not only provide a wealth of information at a single glance, but they can also be used as a graphical menu to access related reports. The cells provide summary information -- in either a chart or a small report. Links associated with the cell allow the user to call up additional reports, and thus drill down to related detail. Both the charts and the detail reports, as well as the entire dashboard, can be built and published using UltraQuest Reporter. Once published, dashboards can be accessed through the UltraQuest Library. Other users can reference these dashboards directly through a URL.

Graphical elements in the dashboard, like UltraQuest graphs, are provided through WebCharts3D from GreenPoint, Inc. You can obtain a full license for WebCharts3D from Select.