UltraQuest 6.0

This exciting new release of UltraQuest delivers significant enhancements to UltraQuest Reporter, UltraQuest Library, and UltraQuest Applications.
New Reporter/Library Features below:
New Join Support for DB2 for z/OS
Improved Design Wizard for Joins
Server Data Set Creation on z/OS
Fixed Format File Creation
New Applications Features below:
JSON Support to Build Better Web Applications
UltraQuest Reporter and Library

UltraQuest Reporter provides ad-hoc (interactive) reporting to business users. Through a desktop application, the Reporter helps users to access mainframe database information and generate reports or data extracts. Its dialogs include an innovative wizard to facilitate building, modifying, and running reports.

Report processing can be either immediate (online) or delayed (batch). UltraQuest Reporter and Library requests can be scheduled for batch processing on a recurrent basis dependent on production or personal schedules. The UltraQuest Scheduler will submit your requests to batch for execution based on a user-specified frequency (every Friday, the last day of the month, etc.).

The output can be delivered in a number of ways, including through email, back to the Web browser, to mainframe attached printers, or to a holding area which allows subsequent redistribution to any of the other targets. Supported formats include HTML, PDF, CSV for products like Excel, Charts and XML. In addition, UltraQuest Reporter users, if granted publishing rights, may publish reports to the UltraQuest Library for use by other users.

The UltraQuest Library provides for shared reports. Through the Library, any user who is granted access can view menus of available reports, choose one, specify options to dynamically modify the report output and output destinations, and execute it.

Like UltraQuest Reporter, the processing can be either immediate or delayed, and the output can be delivered to email, back to the Web browser, to mainframe attached printers, or to the holding area for subsequent viewing and redistribution.

The Library provides a much simpler interface for casual users, and does not require any skills or software beyond a Web browser.

In addition to reports built within the Reporter, the Library can contain hand-crafted reports (built with NOMAD or the UltraQuest 4GL), links to UltraQuest Applications, and links to other Web sites and Web pages. Access to reports, as well as publishing rights, are managed by a catalog of users and user groups.


New Join Support for DB2 for z/OS

In addition to the existing means of joining data in multiple DB2 for z/OS tables, new types of joins are available. Called unsorted joins, these joins are performed by DB2 for z/OS, yielding a potentially significant performance improvement. Other features of unsorted joins include:

  • In a request joining more than two tables, the requirement that all joined tables share a common column is lifted. For example, a single request can join a table of employees to a table of departments matching on a department number, as well as to a table of projects matching on an employee number.
  • The results may be sorted by any columns, not just by the join columns.
  • Additional types of joins are supported, including Reverse Extract (an SQL right outer join) and Merge All (an SQL full outer join).
  • You may create a data filter using SQL code instead of 4GL code.
Improved Design Wizard for Joins

The Design Wizard — the basic method for creating requests in Reporter — has been modified to make it easier to create requests that join data from different tables. Improvements include:

  • The modified Join dialog is more powerful and easier to use:

Reporter Join dialog

Some new features of this modified Join dialog:

  • You can pick columns from either side of the join.
  • Only possible matching columns are displayed.
  • You can change the order of join columns.

Other new join capabilities include:

  • You may use a defined column as a join column on the right-hand side of the join.
  • Sorting is automatically added for join columns, so you no longer need to add sorting before you get to the Join dialog.
  • You may change the order of sections in the new Tables dialog:

Reporter Tables dialog

Server Data Set Creation on z/OS

There is a new output destination named Server file in UltraQuest Reporter. When this option is chosen, the output is saved at a fixed location on z/OS. This allows the creation of data sets that may be more easily used as input to other systems, e.g. an Extract/Transfer/Load (ETL) application. For example, you may schedule a job with UltraQuest Scheduling Facilities which runs daily to create a data set, and have another scheduled batch job to take the output and load it into another database, download it to a particular location, or use FTP to transfer it to another location.

Fixed Format File Creation

A new output type named Fixed has been added to UltraQuest Reporter. When this option is chosen, output with data in fixed columns is generated. This allows the creation of data sets that may be more easily used as input to other systems.

UltraQuest Applications

UltraQuest Applications provides tools for creating web applications that directly interact with your mainframe data. With UltraQuest Applications, you can create new web pages or easily convert mainframe "green screen" applications into modern web pages.

JSON Support to Build Better Web Applications

The new WEBJSON commands allow you to format and send simple data to the browser in a format called JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), a standard format commonly used today for transferring data between servers and client applications. This enables cleanly splitting the work of creating enterprise web applications that directly interact with your mainframe data between web developers and NOMAD developers. It also allows you to use asynchronous transactions to change the data on web pages without re-writing the whole page.


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