Insurance Solution using UltraQuest

Leverage Yesterday’s Investment for Better Results Tomorrow
Assistance with Sarbanes-Oxley, USA Patriot Act, Insurance and other federal regulations
Quick response to changing regulatory requirements, standards, and guidelines
Multi level security to protect information
Processing is handled on the same platform that contains the data for increased efficiency
Protecting current investment without modifying the existing infrastructure
Join application data together from across the enterprise.
Use XML and Web Services to share information
Efficient Access to all popular S/390 data sources including DB2, VSAM, IMS, IDMS and Teradata
Problems facing insurance institutions
Federal regulatory agencies are constantly changing and adding reporting requirements
Management, employees, customers, and business partners’ demand for information places an increasing workload on IT departments
Need to maintain and expand current client base by finding new cross-selling opportunities
Get a better understanding of customer’s needs, behaviors and preferences
Competition for new customers is greater now than ever before, adjustments need to be made quickly to market changes
Executives need to have a better understanding of what is occurring within the organization
Mergers and acquisitions require data to be combined from several different sources
Risk management, customer demographic and claim analysis, and profitability reporting for multiple lines of business
Demands for faster customer response, information flow with agents, and productivity gains.
The UltraQuest Web based reporting and data extraction tool can help with all of these problems.
How can UltraQuest help
Assist the IT department in keeping up with demand, while lowering costs
Allow end users to become self sufficient
A lower cost solution compared to other products on the market today
No need to move the data; efficient up to the minute access to information
Users can easily access information utilizing a simple web browser
Multiple layers of security protect data from unauthorized access
Extensive logging keeps track of who did what and when
Numerous built-in financial functions
Extensive reporting capabilities in support of Operational, Tactical and Strategic analysis
Output can be delivered in a variety of ways:
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