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The mission of any university administration is the improved educational experience of its students. Yet universities must function as businesses and are subject to the ebb and flow of the economic and political climate. They increasingly face the irrational demand to, “do more with less”— the mantra of every business in America. Reconciling these two realities in the development of a strategic plan that
maximizes efficiency, meets the needs of the entire campus, supports the mission of the University and yet operates safely within budget is the daunting task of the modern CIO.

Solution Benefits
Efficient access to all popular mainframe data sources: DB2 for OS/390, DB2 for VM, VSAM, QSAM, IMS, IDMS, and Teradata
Self-service reporting available from a Library of your standard reports
Innovative wizard to facilitate building, modifying, and running reports
Quick response to user demand
Minimal training required
Joining data together from across the enterprise
XML and Web Services support for integration of this data with other products and applications
Multi-level security within the product and compatibility with RACF and other security tools
Quick to install and implement with end user pricing available

How UltraQuest Can Help

Universities are required to function just like any other large corporation. Select Business Solutions has proven that our solutions like UltraQuest can effectively streamline and democratize legacy data access. We have nearly three decades of making meaningful differences in companies drawn from the Global 1000. We can do the same for you.

When people think of the mainframe, they often picture the now obsolete ‘green screens’. But in reality, the mainframe computer can be made fully compatible with the online world. This new functionality makes the mainframe more relevant than ever. Legacy data can still be accessed and processed on the mainframe faster and more efficiently and securely than anywhere else. The mainframe remains the best way to securely store and access large quantities of data. With UltraQuest, the mainframe becomes the simplest, most powerful tool at your disposal.

The Guided Tour uses wizard technology to facilitate the generation and modification of reports.

The Guided Tour uses wizard technology to facilitate the generation and modification of reports.

The Run dialog box allows users to select output destination and data restrictions, if desired.

The Run dialog box allows users to select output destination and data restrictions, if desired.

New Report Generation

Ad-hoc reporting is handled through UltraQuest Reporter. The Reporter is a thin java client that is installed on the user’s PC, which offers point and click report building through a GUI. No code. No green screens. Minimal (almost negligible) training required.

Pre-Published Reports

For access to applications or pre-published reports, end-users need only a Web browser. No software to install. No training required. If your users can navigate a Web site, they can run even your most complex pre-published reports.

The Solution

Our products are already working for dozens of American Universities, helping them to “do more with less”— achieving significant savings with greatly enhanced functionality and interoperability. Let the investment that was made in mainframe technology continue to pay dividends in security, accessibility, processing power and reduced operating costs. You have the solid foundation. Now build on that stable platform with the latest technology. Put the power and simplicity of UltraQuest to work for you and your users.

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