Healthcare Solution using UltraQuest

Healthcare costs continue to be on the rise while reimbursement is on the decline . Legislative regulatory controls and legacy systems are on the forefront of healthcare IT concerns. The demands for productivity and efficiency are increasingly paramount to the healthcare industry. A sound business intelligence tool is essential for increasing productivity, decision support and management.

Patient Accounting and Management, Account Receivables, Financial Management, and Healthcare Insurance claim data management are just a few of the application reporting requirements for which healthcare organizations have employed business intelligence from Select Business Solutions. UltraQuest provides quick secure access to both real time legacy data and to mainframe-based data marts.

Select Business Solutions is an industry leader in Business Intelligence software for reporting and data analysis. Our customer base includes over thirty-five hospital corporations that are using Select's business intelligence solutions for reporting from their mainframe healthcare data to improve their bottom line.

Solution Breakdown
Comprehensive healthcare and financial reporting and analysis
Efficient access to all popular mainframe data sources: DB2 for z/OS, DB2 for z/VM, VSAM, QSAM, IMS, IDMS, and Teradata
Secure mainframe access to all business critical data
Security for HIPPA compliance: hide columns; hide records; scripted profiles
Email and alerts for proper documentation of report activity
Self service reporting available from a Library of your standard healthcare reports
Innovative wizard to facilitate building, modifying, and running reports
XML and Web Services support for integration of this data with other products and applications

The strength of UltraQuest lies in the ability to provide secure, real-time access to critical business mainframe resident data for your information management and healthcare reporting needs. Whether you want to join mainframe data from disparate data sources, query a patient account, extract detail or summary information from you healthcare or financial data, UltraQuest is the answer.

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