Government Solutions using UltraQuest

In today’s political climate and with the high expectations of the public, the need for secure reliable access to real-time data is more important than ever before. Governments are now being asked to do more with less— tighter budgets, economic uncertainty, new federal mandates, and homeland security all place IT departments under extreme pressure. Solutions must be cost effective, efficient, and robust. With the new awareness the fallibility of some platforms and operating systems, vulnerability is no doubt of immediate concern.

The mainframe continues to be the best and most secure option for large organizations with enormous quantities of data. For years, however, the drawback of the mainframe has been it’s accessibility. The PC, graphical user interfaces, and the Internet have revolutionized the way business users view technology. The mainframe, with it’s 3270 terminals and emulators has remained arcane and obtuse. Not anymore.

Solution Benefits
Real time reporting from mainframe data sources
Secure access to business critical data
Self-service reporting with just a Web browser
Intuitive wizard for building, modifying, and executing reports
XML and Web Services for integration of this data with other products and applications

UltraQuest Solutions

Select Business Solutions now offers a product that bridges the gap between the GUI/PC world and the security and power of the mainframe. UltraQuest seamlessly connects these two disparate worlds and brings the benefits of both to your company.

UltraQuest eliminates the need for 3270 character-based access for all mainframe reporting and applications. It can also dramatically decrease your printing costs and support costs. The savings add up quickly, and the ‘quality of life’ benefit to your employees is priceless. You will see reduced costs, improve productivity, and more efficient operations.

The UltraQuest Reporter is a thin java client that is installed on the user’s PC. Reports are built using a "Guided Tour" wizard that leads the user step by step through the building of the report. The method is intuitive, and the capabilities robust. With many built-in functions and formatting options at their disposal, we feel confident that there is no reporting task that can’t be accomplished with the Reporter.

Once a power-user has built and published a report to the UltraQuest Library, the end users need only a Web browser and possibly a few parameters to see the results of the report. Your novice or more superficial users will find the UltraQuest
Library of great benefit.

In both cases, reports can be held for later viewing, printed on local or mainframe printers, exported to .csv files for importing to Excel, emailed, saved as formatted HTML files, output as a chart , or created as XML files for data integration.

Processing is always handled on the mainframe, using mainframe resources and security facilities. Only the results are sent down to the client. All of this is accomplished with a two-tiered architecture (although three-tiered architectures are also supported) and a minimum investment in capital and training. Your users would have a good grasp of the product within days, not weeks or months.

The Bottom Line Difference

UltraQuest will bring about a substantial change in how your organization does business. We can save thousands in printing and distribution costs, training costs, and in IT investment. There is no school of thought to subscribe to, no billion-dollar system to adopt, no new hardware to purchase and maintain, and no expensive and prolonged consultant-laden conversion process. We simply take the data you already have, on the hardware you already own, and make it accessible and useful to your employees.

These are just a few reasons to consider making UltraQuest a part of your IT strategic plan.

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