Academic Site License Agreement (ASLA)

Naturally, Academic organizations do not have the budgets of their commercial counterparts. This is recognized at Select Business Solutions with the provision of Academic Site License Agreements (ASLA's) which effectively allow organizations to use our technology across their entire campus at an exceptionally reasonable yearly price. ASLA offerings include:

Select Video-based Training

Covering a wide range of topics relating to computer science, software development and business management, Select's video-training consists of over 130 hours of high quality video.

Select Architect

This extends the Select Enterprise technology to provide a scalable design environment for pragmatic business strategy analysis (BMM), business process analysis (BPMN), service and Component Based Development (CBD), Unified Modeling Language (UML) and database design.

Select Solution Factory

An integrated set of products for software design, design review, service and component management, requirements management and code generation.

Select SSADM

Offering the power and flexibility you need to support academic instruction using the SSADM methodology.

Select Yourdon

Providing integrated modeling support for the full range of modeling techniques in the Yourdon Method.

Select Process Director

A process definition, management and deployment tool. With 'out of the box' support for traditional and contemporary methods alike, it has proven to be an invaluable resource for teaching about the software development lifecycle.

Benefits of ASLA

  • Payment spread over a number of financial years, reflective of academic budgets.
  • Home usage for students (on uncapped agreements only).
  • Technical support via the telephone hotline or via e-mail.
  • All product updates issued in the license period.
  • Tool and training discount packages available.