Academic Support

Academic organizations are invaluable, as a source of new talent, intelligence and expertise to the workplace. As software engineering is an essential skill, commercial organizations are increasingly reliant upon securing competitive advantage through graduates and under-graduates with job related experience. As a result many academic organizations have established formal courses to teach the benefits of using well planned analysis and design techniques for IT application development.

Select Business Solutions are keen to ensure that these graduates are skilled in the latest modeling, component and service based techniques, to be of immediate value to commercial organizations. With a strong focus on academic institutions and a 20 year pedigree, we are the chosen toolset within 75% of the British educational establishments and are involved in a wide range of Higher Education Computing Courses worldwide. Our tools reflect the needs of lecturers and students alike. Providing invaluable experience of commercially available software tools, implementing the latest standards such as; Business Motivation Modeling (BMM), Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN), Unified Modeling Language (UML) and Database Modeling, as well as traditional approaches such as SSADM and Yourdon.

For academic institutions the use of industry standard tools ensures that;

  • Academic courses are more marketable, increasing institution revenue
  • Students are more marketable to industry once they graduate

Video-based training on a wide range of software engineering, project management and IT subjects, increases the value that can be gained from partnering with Select. Consisting of over 130 hours of high quality video, it is available for use in the classroom, via Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) or DVD for distance learning.

Please take a moment to visit our customers section to see some of the many educational organizations that use our solutions.

Solution Breakdown

  • Teach contemporary approaches to information system design (BMM, BPMN and UML) with Select Architect