Web Services

Web Services are increasingly becoming the de-facto standard for exposing functionality over the Internet. UDDI servers help publish available web services but do not help when it comes to designing and building systems that utilize those services.

At Select Business Solutions, we have been implementing web service based architectures for a number of years. This experience has fed in to our products, which allow you to design applications that utilize web services, browse and search UDDI servers, import WSDL (to help you understand it), design and export WSDL plus handle all your XML needs. The Select Business Solutions products provides the most comprehensive WSDL and XML tool set you are likely to find.

Solution Breakdown

  • Design your Web Services and your applications that use them with Select Architect and Select Solution Factory.
  • Document and publish your Web Services, UDDI servers, WSDL and XML with Select Asset Manager.
  • Design, generate and reverse-engineer your XML Schema with Select Architect, improving your understanding and level of Web Service use.
  • Refine the organizations software process using Select Perspective to introduce and implement the required process for web services and components.
  • Provide independent quality assurance of the web services definitions, implementation and architecture using the years of experience our consultants have in implementing web service/component based architectures with all the leading technologies and virtually every industry sector and application type.
  • Visit our Services area to see what courses and consultancy are available.