Select Asset Manager

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Select Asset Manager is a highly scalable, active repository for software component publication, management, searching and component reuse. It helps designers and developers manage, publish and reuse components and web services, speeding delivery of high quality software applications and leveraging IT assets.

Select Asset Manager makes it easy for organizations to unlock the value of Component Based Development (CBD). It is the first enterprise-scale product in the market, to catalog and manage software components, Select Asset Manager supports component publication, version tracking and sophisticated searching, browsing, reuse and notification features. Component specification features are also provided, to enable a demand driven process for supplier-consumer CBD.

Select Asset Manager can be extended with Select Asset Browser to your intranet or internet.

In its own right, Select Asset Manager is an incredibly powerful component publication, management, search and reuse tool set. As part of Select Solution Factory, Select Asset Manager becomes a key facilitator for realizing all the benefits of Component Based Development - "the next wave" in Rapid Application Development (RAD).


  • Publish new components in a way that fosters component reuse throughout the enterprise.
  • Publish requirements and specifications for components to be built by specialist component supply teams.
  • Store information about a wide range of components, including COM, CORBA, EJB and even wrapped legacy functions.
  • Manage the complexities of version control and interdependencies between components.
  • Publish EJBs, OCXs, DLLs, WSDL, Web Services and .NET Assemblies with drag-and-drop, to automatically document available services and parameters.
  • Locate business and technical components in a universal search engine, ensuring fast access to all components required within the organization.
  • Provide access control, manage networks of repositories, register developers and ensure automatic component update notifications by email.
  • Maintain a full compliment of component files, as well as related files, such as installation scripts and help files, directly within the Select Asset Manager repository.
  • Visualize component versions, dependencies, component composition, component deployment and node (server) communication with automatically generated UML diagrams.
  • Keep your component repository on site, avoiding the IP risks of an ASP solution.
  • Extend the meta-data about your components, making them easier to manage and find.
  • Runs directly within Microsoft Visual Studio .NET delivering reuse for Components, Web Services and Assemblies.
  • Integrate with other environments through its open API and SDK.
  • Report your actual component reuse and measure return on investment (ROI).