Select Asset Browser

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Select Asset Browser extends Select Asset Manager to your intranet or internet. Helping designers and developers reuse components, speeding delivery of high quality applications and leveraging valuable IT assets. Select Asset Browser provides easy and powerful searching, browsing and reuse features. Many software developers see the benefit of holding valuable software assets on-site, with Select Asset Manager repositories but want the flexible deployment offered by the web. Select Asset Browser responds to this demand.

Select Asset Browser’s only requirements are that your browser supports frames and that you have a Select Asset Manager repository available locally, or over a network. This makes Select Asset Browser ideal for remote and intranet based users. It also reduces the need for wide ranging client installations.

Select Asset Browser makes reuse even more practical by putting component search facilities in the hands of those who may not have thought of looking for a component before today. You don't need to get PC software installed to search your organizations repository of software assets.

By making component acquisition as easy as using your favorite web search engine, Select Asset Browser can make component and web service reuse a reality.


  • Publish new components in a way that fosters reuse throughout the enterprise.
  • Select Asset Browser’s component technology independence provides a future proof solution for tomorrow’s IT architectures.
  • Locate business and technical components in a universal enterprise scale search engine, ensuring fast access to all components required within the organization.
  • Provide access control, manage networks of repositories, register developers and ensure automatic component update notifications by email.
  • Download component files, as well as related files, such as installation scripts, test harnesses and help files, directly from Select Asset Manager repositories.
  • Audit component reuse to ensure return on investment.