Select Consultancy

At Select Business Solutions, the delivery of our software products is not a “file and forget” exercise. Our customers have found the use of our Professional Services Group not only helps to use the features of our products but the services improve the quality and delivery of their solutions.

This is achieved by providing pertinent, configurable training solutions for the team members, managers and stakeholders alike, and providing “on the ground” coaching/mentoring support to ensure successful delivery of software solutions.

Here are just a handful of ways our Consultancy can help you:

  • Life-cycle Support
    • Help is available throughout your development cycle, from the analysis and design stages right through to implementation and the final roll-out to end users. We can also help you with all aspects of your project, including programming and QA, feeding comments and improvements back to the team and their managers/stakeholders.

  • Mentoring
    • Identify where additional training may be required to flatten the “learning curve”. Help ensure the team are equipped to leverage full value from our tools. Minimize the risk of adopting new technology and processes by bringing 10s of years of experience with real customers to bear.

  • Onsite Installation Support
    • Available to help minimize downtime when implementing new systems.

  • Project Management
    • Provide an independent audit of the team, their activities and the progression towards the project goals. Help ensure best practices are adopted.

  • Reviewing
    • Recommend process or tool customizations where required, based upon organizational goals and standard. Application review and recommendations for efficiency and effective use of techniques.

  • Troubleshooting
    • If you have unforeseen problems which can't be dealt with over the phone or through email we can come in and help work through the issues with you.

At Select Business Solutions our range of services will enable your organization to ensure your application development and information access are a success!