Select Process Director

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Select Process Director helps you solve the challenge of researching and rolling out a software development life cycle process. Select Process Director gives project managers more project control and assists developers in being more productive. You can make process improvements and improve quality while supporting rapid application development (RAD) and easy maintenance.

Select Process Director provides an effective approach to researching and deploying software development life cycles (eg. waterfall model), pragmatically and efficiently on each and every project. Select Process Director is an invaluable process improvement and process mentoring tool for every team member.


  • Templates, estimates, and other examples of similar work
  • Project Management and development process best practices
  • Delivers process improvement information to team members in a way that encourages them to apply it including Tasks, Deliverables, Roles, Risks, Metrics, Entry Conditions, Exit Conditions, Prerequisites, Techniques and Tools
  • Active mentoring with 'on the job' process assistance for every team member
  • Browser interface with XML repository
In its own right, Select Process Director is an incredibly powerful process communication and rollout tool set, used by every team member. When extended with Select Process Director Plus (for life cycle and project managers), Select Process Director becomes an enabling technology for software development life cycle definition, project management and process improvement.

We have done the hard work for you by investing more than 25 person years in documenting today's primary software development processes.