Outsourced Development

Many organizations are outsourcing software development projects to reduce their costs. Sounds like a good idea, but, despite its benefits, outsourcing carries significant risks.

The good news? After over 10 years of experience working with our customers on outsourced projects we have proven: Service & Component Based Development improves the effectiveness and lowers the risks of outsourcing software development.

The main reason behind this, is that it is easier to outsource the development of separate components instead of whole applications. As a project, you can start with outsourcing just one little part and expand the scale of outsourcing gradually while your organization learns.

The Component Based Development approach of Select Business Solutions separates the concerns for the development of the solution from the development of the underlying services and components. This separation enables you to develop services and components between a project, sub-project or an off-shore development company, without changing the process.

Solution Breakdown