Capability Maturity Model Integration

Capability Maturity Model Integration | Process Improvement | Solutions The Capability Maturity Model Integration for Software (CMMI) is a model for judging the maturity of the software processes of an organization and for identifying the key practices that are required to increase process maturity.

The Software CMMI has become a de facto standard for assessing and improving software processes. Through the SW-CMMI, the SEI and community have put in place an effective means for documenting, defining, and measuring the maturity of the processes used by software professionals.

Whether you are aiming for CMMI 'certification' or purely improving your software development processes Select Business Solutions has process maturity tools to help you move up through each level of maturity. Until now, no project management tools were available to truly support the evolutionary progress of IT groups, as they mature through the different CMMI levels. Select Process Director provides features that support and deliver practical CMMI benefits such as:

CMMI Level 1 to 2
Pre-packaged methodology documentation and active mentoring 

CMMI Level 2 to 3
Process documentation, configuration and accelerated project management 

CMMI Level 3 to 4
Managed process through Metrics Capture in an XML process repository 

CMMI Level 4 to 5
Process feedback loop to enable process improvement

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