Select Solution Factory 7.0 Service Pack 2

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Select Solution Factory 7.0 Service Pack 2 incorporates fixes and changes from Service Pack 1, and addresses the following new features and bug fixes

Service Pack 2

Select Architect

Ref     Description
158     Fixed incorrect shortcut links to the online manuals.
194     Embedded swimlanes are no longer transparent in Activity Diagrams and Process Thread Diagrams.
196     HTML text loosing formatting.
198     Changing the colour of multi-selected diagram symbols causes all symbols to go black.
210     Template file becomes corrupt with default values.

Select MDA

Ref     Description
203     Service Pack 1 does not install the MDA updates.
211     Added a WSDL export operation.
212     Added an XML Schema export as an MDA operation.
213     Improved BPEL export operation.

To make full use of these new MDA features requires the use of a new template.txt file. This file is shipped with Service Pack 2 and can be found in the default location: C:\Program Files\Component Factory\Select MDA

Please consult your documentation for details on how to import this file.

License Manager

Ref     Description

204     Select Architect evaluation license is not being accepted.

Database Schema Reverser

Ref     Description
215     DB Schema Reverser not working with SQL Server.

Service Pack 1

This service pack addresses the following new features and bug fixes:

Database Schema Generator

Ref     Description
189     Generate description fields as SQL comments for tables, views and columns

Select Architect

Ref     Description
160/199     Diagram metafiles still seem to exhibit the clipping problem.

Model Copy

Ref     Description
200     Doesn't work in 7.0

Business Process Modeling Simulator

Ref     Description
124     Simulator does not handle rich text
125     Simulator has default titles in dialogs
152     Properties for 3D/Custom colour show up in the Simulator.

Test Director Bridge

Ref     Description
126     Crash at start-up if last opened model is not running.
127     Changes to handle HTML text in properties.


Ref     Description
201     Upgrade from v4.5 to v6.x upwards doesn't work.


Ref     Description
147     Improve the handling of stored procedures.


Ref     Description
159     No real content generate
-     Changes to the way diagrams are scaled.

HTML Reporting

Ref     Description
110     Changes to support HTML formatted properties.
-     Diagram output as png format to support alternate browsers

SSF Browser for Visual Studio 2005

Ref     Description
-     Validate starts correctly
-     Support co-existance of Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2003

Select MDA   

Ref     Description
-     New XML File Generator action:

A generic transformation engine so a model can generate any XML format via a specified XSLT file and a specified XML Class Model file. Note: Two default files exist and could be further developed by users. They are under Select Shared Templates\MDA\XExports

-     New HTML Page Generator action:

Create web prototype from user class diagram. Note: A set of styles have been created as defaults and as example for the user. As usual users would have to add their own style to personalise the web pages. (The default style files are under Select Shared Templates\MDA\XExports.)