Select Asset Manager 7.0 Service Pack 2

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Select Asset Manger 7.0 Service Pack 2 incorporates fixes and changes from Service Pack 1, and addresses the following new features and bug fixes:


Select Architect Add-In

Ref     Description
205     Search scope does not change in certain circumstances.

Visual Studio 2005 Add-In

Ref     Description
206     Have to restart Visual Studio to see plugin if Add-in window is closed.


This service pack addresses the following new features and bug fixes:

Web Client

Ref     Description
144     Pre-defined stylesheets - Retro:
Links are almost unreadable with this stylesheet.
148     Error message "String was not recognized as a valid date time" is displayed.
149     Move Asset actions are not shown in the History Tab.
150     History Tab only displays first page of results.
151     HTTP Error 404 - Licence.aspx cannot be found.
153     Odd behaviour in grid views when selecting different items from the tree view.
154     SCM Import: Some parameter roles are not supported
156     Search types not filtered correctly.
162     Inspect process fails silently.
170     Demonstration license restrictions are not obvious.
172     Arbitrary cut off half way down the page on the tree view.
173     Audit Tab inconsistencies.
174     Reinstated the moderate functionality on collaboration view.
175     Make Search Results clearer.
176     Improvements to Version Tab
177     Change list heading on Interest Tab.
178     Move to the new Artefact after Publish.
179     "Unable to Start Export Due to Server Access Problem" error message.
181     Change Process button on Relationship Tab.
182     Change Data Type tab title.

Administration Console

Ref     Description
130     Users can be added multiple times.
131&139     Changing a property results in the tree view collapsing
132     Property generates error message.
133     Clicking on an empty tree view generates an error.
155     SCM Export fails to generate file when warnings produced.
169     Toolbars don't behave correctly.

Select Architect Add-In

Ref     Description
141     Toolbar won't start Select Asset Manager Website. The Add-in is unable to find the configuration file.
138     Information 'off-screen' on loading. Unique ID does not fit on the tab correctly.
140     Menu item and toolbar item have different tooltips
142     Textboxes have no scrollbars.
183     Fix appearance of tabs when using XP Theme
164     Add-in title needs changing
185     Fix tool bars so that no side appears subordinate
186     Remove unnecessary features from reuse dialog.
187     Add to Current Diagram functionality is missing.

Visual Studio 2005 Add-In

Ref     Description
192     Search functionality is missing.
193     Create a standalone Visual Studio 2005 Add-in.

Installation Process

Ref     Description
145     Not all files are copied correctly for the Admin Console installation.

Server Component

Ref     Description
180     Changed the published file location.