Select Solution Factory 7.0 R2a

Select Solution Factory 7.0 R2 is principally a successor maintenance release over Select Solution Factory 7.0.
The "a" suffix indicates that this release includes SSF 7.0 R2 Service Pack 1.

The major changes in 7.0 R2 over 7.0 are:

  • Support for Microsoft Vista operating systems
  • Updated repository software

Release Notes for SSF 7.0 R2a

Main Changes

  • Support for Microsoft Vista operating system.
  • Upgrade of the repository software. Now uses Fujitsu Enabler 7.0 (previous version used Fujitsu Enabler 3.1), providing improved repository administration facilities.

Bug fixes and other changes

Select Architect

Reference Description
216 External items does not link all actors to use cases.
225 Performance improvements and optimizations.
226 External model not in list when item is an Independent Subprocess.
227 Copy & paste in extended HTML editor not working
229 Unable to make tables external.
230 Wrong names created on diagrams and models.
231 Text within tags <   > not appearing
232 Errors when switching between Diagrams and Dictionary views in the Contents Tab when sorted by a field other than Name.
235 Changes to use the new Select Licence Manager component
248 Show warning message when truncating html text.
249 "Get External Members" functionality for tables, views and entities added.
250 Change so that the table-view relationship can be created in either direction.
251 Make external tables/entities have similar functionality to external classes.
267 Added missing BPMN items to the dictionary view.

Database Schema Generator

Reference Description
57 Changes to the generation of SQL for Informix databases.
58 An extra carriage return character (0x0d) is output in the end of line sequence in the generated SQL.
59, 197 Fix abnormal program termination when attempting to generate columns with the "Use existing model data type" option set.
233 The generated SQL file is now displayed in the default application if requested,
e.g. Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.

Select License Manager

Reference Description
235 Re-written due to issues with running on Windows Vista
268 License Manager should be case in-sensitive when allocating licenses to user names.
Salesforce reference: 00007419

Select Models Neighborhood

Reference Description
241 Re-written due to issues with running on Windows Vista
263 The new version of Enabler 7 now needs the user to provide login credentials during certain operations,
e.g. Initialising Repositories and Importing Models

Select Solution Factory Browser for VS2005

Reference Description
207 Problems registering the file SSFBrowser2005.dll correctly during installation.
235 Changes to use the new Select Licence Manager component
242 Problems handling class hierachy when two classes with the same name exist in different hierarchy locations.
243 User Interface improvements:
Revamped the icons in the NetSync view.
Display properties in NetSync view now displayed as a dockable tool window.
Added new output window to display progress.
244 Differences window not displayed if installed in non-default location
245 Differences window cannot be re-opened if closed
246 Crash when the property window is visible and a different node is selected.
247 Requirement and Use Case hierachies not correct
254 Added SelectConversions to convert HTML properties to plain text during Generate.
255 Improvements to reversing of super classes
256 Fix to make sure that multiple inheritance (via interfaces) is supported by reverse.
257 Fix problem with Interfaces in Model only appearing as Classes
259 Improve handling of method names containing a dot.
Reverse will now skip the method and carry-on the reverse process.
260 Improvements to the way that array parameter types are handled.
261 Correction to include "private" when reversing code into model.
262 Impovements to give more user feedback during long running actions.
(Use a busy cursor)

HTML Reporting

Reference Description
222 In some old installations the HTML reporting files netchartdir*.dll were not being installed

HTML text not appearing as HTML in Czech Republic locale.

266 Fix problem during report execution when the same report is run twice.

SSF 7.0 R2 SP1

This service pack addresses the following new features and bug fixes

Select Architect

Reference Description
66 Setting an existing use case custom property to HTML has no effect.
288 Changes to the improve the stability of the HTML edit control
289 System can fail to create diagram meta files due to a missing registry value in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\CLSID
290 Changes to improve language support.
291 Problems on Windows Vista machines moving diagram symbols when Select Architect has never been executed by a user with administrator rights.
292 Cannot register certain files due to a bad entry in the PATH environment variable.
294 COM files not registered correctly by InstallShield.
Please run the Select Solution Factory COM Registration Utility from the start menu once the service pack is installed.


Reference Description
56 ORSync ignores the "optional" property for class attribute.
71 Primary key to foreign key relationships are not generated correctly when syncing between logical and physical models.
295 ORSync does not appear in the list of addins in Select Architect.

BPM Simulator

Reference Description
285 Updates to the BPM Simulator


Reference Description
286 Missing MDA tool window transformations

Model Copy

Reference Description
287 Model Copy crashes when started

Select Document Generator

Reference Description
293 Document Generator fails at end of document creation when run on Windows Vista

Select License Manager

Reference Description
296 Revoke button in the allocations dialog does not revoke the selected license.

Select Solution Factory Browser for VS2005

Reference Description
105 Need to reopen the 'Select Architect' window each time Visual Studio is re-started.
106 Missing scope of base class.
258 Changes to support explicit implementation of interfaces in C#
271 Generate forms from user classes.
272 Cannot generate classes marked as Structure.
273 Problem generating nested classes.
274 VS2005 can crash if no project is open.
275 Multiple interface realization does not work correctly.
276 properties not created properly.
277 classes in namespaces can go missing.
278 Super classes are not handled correctly in some circumstances.
289 System can fail to create diagram meta files due to a missing registry value in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\CLSID