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Select Releases the VM Database Extender

Trumbull, CT January 6, 2009: Select Business Solutions™, an Avantcé Software company, and a leading provider of mainframe reporting and data access tools, announced today a new product offering, the VM Database Extender, now available for use with NOMAD version 7.53 and UltraQuest version 5.0.

In Select’s tradition of enhancing our database support, we developed the VM Database Extender which allows z/VM sites with very large NOMAD BTREE databases to split them over multiple CMS minidisks with negligible changes to existing applications.

Currently, a number of NOMAD/UltraQuest customers have very large databases with BTREE masters that are close to exceeding the capacity of a CMS minidisk. The existing DBCONCAT command allows sites to split such databases over multiple minidisks, handle each file on a separate minidisk as a concatenated database extension, and issue reports against the concatenated database.

“The Database Extender on VM extends the functionality of the concatenated database feature so that it will support updating, positioning, and lookups, as with other NOMAD databases,” said Roger Cox, Sr. Product Marketing Manager. “With the Database Extender, existing databases can be converted to concatenated databases, while still allowing them to be used and maintained by existing applications.”

The VM Database Extender is ideal for those z/VM customers who have NOMAD databases that are reaching the size limitation of a CMS minidisk and need a quick, dependable solution with minimal coding changes while preserving performance.

NOMAD is the most functionally rich business intelligence reporting tool available today for delivering a full range of applications with easy access to a variety of data sources for reporting and analysis. NOMAD is a fully relational product, which provides the basis for its tight integration with and highly efficient use of other relational database engines such as DB2 for z/OS, DB2 for z/VM and Teradata, as well as support for IMS, VSAM and IDMS data sources.

UltraQuest, which includes a mainframe-based application server, works through a Web server to provide the following services:

UltraQuest Reporter: for interactive, real-time access to reports and data extracts from mainframe and mid-tier data sources.

UltraQuest Library: a shared library of reports, published from UltraQuest Reporter, which are available through Web browser menus.

UltraQuest Applications: custom applications, built using the UltraQuest server and the underlying UltraQuest 4GL. These applications may involve reports as well as data queries and updates.

UltraQuest WebServices: provides Web services to access mainframe data sources enabling a seamless and efficient integration of legacy data with the next generation of business intelligence applications.

Pricing and Availability
Select’s VM Database Extender is available immediately with pricing available upon request.

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