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Select’s UltraQuest™ Adds Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server Access from z/VM

Trumbull, CT January 6, 2009: Select Business Solutions™, an Avantcé Software company, and a leading provider of mainframe reporting and data access tools, announced today the release of its JDBC interfaces to Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server from the z/VM environment.

According to Roger Cox, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, “These UltraQuest JDBC Interfaces are powerful tools for unlocking the information that is held in Oracle and SQL Server databases. The interfaces deliver the security and seamless access for the productive use of popular data for reporting and analysis.”

The UltraQuest server under z/VM provides access to Oracle and SQL Server data residing on mid-tier platforms while the UltraQuest Reporter provides dialogs including an innovative wizard that facilitates building, modifying, and executing reports. Report requests can then be published to the UltraQuest Library where they can be accessed by users through menus with just a web browser.

Users of UltraQuest Reporter or the UltraQuest Library can report from their Oracle and SQL Server data in the same manner that they would report from mainframe data sources. Since all reports are handled by the same UltraQuest server, they can easily join Oracle and SQL Server data with mainframe data from DB2, VSAM, NOMAD, IDMS and Teradata for more comprehensive reporting.

Report output can be delivered to the Web browser, to printers, to PC applications such as Microsoft Excel, via email, or held for redistribution at a later time. Reports can also be displayed as a PDF document, a web chart, as HTML or generated in XML format for use with other products. Dashboards are also available to provide an "at-a-glance" view of business information available in Oracle, SQL Server and other data sources.

UltraQuest includes a specialized mid-tier Java server dedicated to Oracle or SQL Server access for maximizing efficiency. In addition, UltraQuest which includes a mainframe-based application server, works through a Web server to provide the following services:

UltraQuest Reporter: for interactive, real-time access to reports and data extracts from mainframe and mid-tier data sources.

UltraQuest Library: a shared library of reports, published from UltraQuest Reporter, which are available through Web browser menus.

UltraQuest Applications: custom applications, built using the UltraQuest server and the underlying UltraQuest 4GL. These applications may involve reports as well as data queries and updates.

UltraQuest WebServices: provides Web services to access mainframe data sources enabling a seamless and efficient integration of legacy data with the next generation of business intelligence applications.

Pricing and Availability
Select’s UltraQuest Oracle and SQL Server Interfaces for z/VM are available immediately with pricing available upon request.


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