Select Business Solutions announces the release of Select Solution Factory version 7.1, incorporating the modeling of business strategy using Business Motivation Modeling.

Trumbull, CT January 12, 2009: Today Select Business Solutions, a leader in process and software development tools, announced the immediate release of the latest version of its application development toolset, Select Solution Factory 7.1, with support for the Object Management Group's Business Motivation Model (BMM) standard.

Until recently, linking the development of IT systems to business strategy has, at best, been informal. Since the introduction of BMM, a standard for modeling business strategy, businesses have been able to apply a consistent meta-model for their business planning. By integrating BMM into Select Architect, an enterprise-scale business process, UML and data modeling tool, Select have completed the link from strategic planning to systems development.

"For over 15 years, Select has recognized and serviced the needs of business analysts to model their business processes, prior to analyzing the system requirements needed to implement those processes in IT" says Phil Webb, Principal Consultant with Select's Application Development Tools division. "Now, through the support for BMM provided in Select Architect, those analysts are able to clearly identify the visions, objectives, strategies and influences which shape those processes. All six abstractions in the Zachman Framework, Data, Function, Network, People, Time and Motivation can now be modeled in one integrated, enterprise-scale environment."

Select Business Solutions has been a regular early adopter of new standards in application modeling, working closely with the Object Management Group (OMG) to provide pragmatic support for Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN), Unified Modeling Language (UML) and Model Driven Architecture (MDA).

"Once again, through early adoption and integration of new OMG standards into Select Solution Factory, Select has proven its position as a leading provider of business modeling and application development tools," said OMG's Vice President and Technical Director, Andrew Watson. "Modeling business strategy using the Business Motivation Model is an important aspect of identifying why a business might develop or change processes and systems. The Business Motivation Model support provided by Select Architect, integrated with its support for BPMN, UML and MDA, will allow analysts to work changes through from business strategy to software source code."

New features in Select Solution Factory 7.1 include:

  • Business Motivation Modeling - model the Ends (Visions, Goals & Objectives), Means (Missions, Strategies, Tactics & Directives) & Influencers for a business
  • Link Business Motivation elements to Requirements, Business Process and UML modeling elements
  • Prototype user interface forms in General Graphics Diagrams
  • Model index spaces and storage spaces in a physical data model
  • Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

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