Mainframe Reporting and Application Development

The value of our solutions draws strongly on our IBM relationship. Being a member of IBM's PartnerWorld for Developers provides Select with access to IBM's global resources for developers building and selling software in the commercial marketplace. It provides us access to marketing and sales support, technical support, testing centers, and access to hardware, software, and education.

Select was the first to develop read/write 4GL interfaces to IBM's DB2 for z/OS and DB2 for z/VM databases. We continually modify the product to work with new features in the operating systems and databases, taking advantage of advance information provided by IBM to our development and marketing groups. We have participated in campaigns for a number of innovations, including CUA, Information Warehouses, and e-business initiatives.

Recently, Select has been on the leading edge with its support of IBM's z/series pricing initiatives, providing alternatives to full machine-based pricing.

The UltraQuest and NOMAD product lines are listed in the IBM Global Solutions Directory and in their guide for Web enabling VM applications. IBM selected Select's UltraQuest Applications (then called RP/Web) as Application of the Month in May, 1998, based on Motorola's MTIS system. UltraQuest was also chosen as one of two products to be highlighted in the November 1999 Webcast "VM e-business: Hints, Tips and Tools", and both NOMAD and UltraQuest are listed in IBM's white paper "The Best Kept Secrets of e-Business on VM/ESA".

Select participates in many IBM conferences and events, including IBM Share user group meetings and DB2 and Business Intelligence technical conferences.

Select, along with some of our customers, participates in early testing programs for new releases of z/VM and z/OS operating systems and DB2 database systems.

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