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Select’s UltraQuest™ - New Desktop User Environment and Sharing of Report Output

Trumbull, CT December 15, 2009: Select Business Solutions™, an Avantcé Software company, and a leading provider of mainframe reporting and data access tools, announced today a new release of its Web-based, business intelligence software, UltraQuest version 5.5. Highlights of this release are a new Reporter desktop environment and the sharing of report output with other users throughout an enterprise.

The newly re-designed Reporter desktop will feature three environments - Design, Publish, and Explore - allowing the user to toggle between them for designing reports, for publishing requests to a menu or dashboard, or for managing databases and requests. Each report or menu is opened in its own tab allowing users to work on multiple reports/menus simultaneously. In addition, the request structure tree view is conveniently displayed alongside the design wizard so one can view the components of an entire request and make simple report changes easily. All reports and menus that are left open when Reporter is shut down will be re-opened upon the next invocation allowing users to pick up just where they left off.

 According to Roger Cox, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, “we expect this re-design to make the user interface more intuitive and allow the user to be more productive while working on multiple reports/menus simultaneously within a completely integrated environment.”

Also in this new release, Shared Report Output was implemented by enhancing UltraQuest Reporter and Library so that output from published or non-published requests can be shared with other groups of users. If a Reporter or Library user selects to run a request to held output, the user will have the option to pick from a list of user groups with whom he wishes to share the output.

Shared output groups need to be created for this sharing of report output. Sharing groups can be the same groups that are allowed to publish requests or view requests, or the library administrator can define new sharing groups for viewing other users’ held output, e.g. a sharing group for all users in the same department. Alerts are available to automatically notify recipients in the select groups when their shared output is available for viewing.

UltraQuest, which includes a mainframe-based application server, works through a Web server to provide the following services:

UltraQuest Reporter: for interactive, real-time access to reports and data extracts from mainframe data sources.

UltraQuest Library: a shared library of reports, published from UltraQuest Reporter, which are available through Web browser menus.

UltraQuest Applications: custom applications, built using the UltraQuest server and the underlying UltraQuest 4GL. These applications may involve reports as well as data queries and updates.

UltraQuest WebServices: provides Web services to access mainframe data sources enabling a seamless and efficient integration of legacy data with the next generation of business intelligence applications.

Pricing and Availability
Select’s UltraQuest is available immediately with either capacity or user-based pricing starting at $39,000.


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