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June Newsletter

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Sneak Peek of UltraQuest 6.0

Next month we will be hosting a couple of webinars showing of the new features in UltraQuest 6.0 to be released early next year.

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During the demonstrations we will show:

  • Improved DB2 Joins
  • Syntax checking while building expressions
  • Join dialog moved earlier in the Design Wizard

The demonstration will take an hour and will be showing the differences between UltraQuest 6.0 and previous releases.

To see a recorded overview of UltraQuest 5.5 click here

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Select Solution Factory – Technical Tips


Backup your repositories


Sometimes we find out too late that sites do not have robust backup strategies for their modeling information. With the Fujitsu Enabler repository that underpins Select Solution Factory the open files that are used when a repository is running can mean that a simple file backup of the repository data files may not be sufficient for successful restoration.

We recommend using our utility application, Enautils, to backup your repositories periodically. Usually, by creating a batch script and scheduling this run every evening before your main file backups run.

There is more about this in the Solution Factory Admin Guide, but if you need help our Technical Support Team will be pleased to assist.

If you have large repositories, Enautils will work up to a repository size of 2GB. If you have repositories larger than this, please contact the Technical Support Team for advice. But in the next version of SSF (8.0), we will be providing additional support for repositories that exceed this size.

User Roles

There are three main user roles to consider when using Select Solution Factory

A Repository Administrator has full control over a repository. They can Start or Stop it, and perform backup and a range of other administration activities. When adding Repository Administrators to a repository using Enabler Tools you can add either individual users, or a group.

A Template Administrator is a special sort of user role that has permission to update the meta-model of a repository. Template Administrators are managed for a repository using Models Neighborhood. You need to be a Repository Administrator to add Template Administrators to a repository. Again, you can add either individual users, or groups. A Repository Administrator will have Template Administration rights already, so there is no need to add them specifically. The meta-model of a repository may be changed when a user adds custom properties to a model, or sometimes when certain add-in tools are run (which add their own properties to the model).

Ordinary Users are the normal users that create and update models and detail the model information. The creator of a model is known as the model owner, and can then add other users or groups to users to the model to control what access they are allowed. Again this control is provided using a dialogue of Models Neighborhood.
Whenever a user or group is specified, this should be expressed like a normal Windows user, for example in the format DOMAIN\Username or DOMAIN\Groupname.

There are sophisticated control options available using Enabler, so if you need further advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Technical Support Team.


Click Here if you would like to join one of our monthly demonstrations of Select Solution Factory.

UltraQuest & NOMAD Support recommendation

If you have plans to upgrade your operating system (z/OS and z/VM), a DBMS used with UltraQuest/NOMAD, or other software/hardware, the UltraQuest & NOMAD Support Center encourages you to contact us regarding recommended compatibility maintenance.

Please call 888-328-7806, or submit your query via the online support form.

UltraQuest Demonstrations

Sign up now for an UltraQuest demo and see the new
Reporter desktop plus other new facilities in UltraQuest 5.50

Click here to find dates for up coming webinars and to register.

To see a recorded overview of UltraQuest 5.5 click here

If you want to see UltraQuest in action and the posted dates are not convenient for you, please contact Dennis Street at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 972-899-5221 to schedule a time.

Instructional Videos

Select Business Solutions has over 120 hours of videos covering software engineering and development.  These videos cover many topics including:

  • The Evolution of Software
  • Basic Design Concepts
  • Products & Process
  • Software Project Management
  • Modeling Methods & Techniques
  • Object-Oriented Methods
  • Verification & Validation
  • Information Technologies & Architectures

Click Here to see some snippets of the videos on our YouTube channel.

Click Here to see a full syllabus on our website.

If you are interested in learning more or ordering, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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