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January 2010 Newsletter

UltraQuest Version 5.5 for z/OS - Major Features

UltraQuest Version 5.5 for z/OS is available now and features a new and improved UltraQuest Reporter Desktop environment, shared report output, suspended and extended data filtering, and much more.

The newly re-designed Reporter desktop will feature three environments - Design, Publish, and Explore - allowing you to toggle between them for designing reports, for publishing requests to a menu or dashboard, or for managing databases and requests. Each report or menu is opened in its own tab allowing you to work on multiple reports/menus simultaneously. For your convenience all menu bar functionality is now available while working on reports or menus. All reports and menus that are left open when Reporter is shut down will be re-opened upon the next invocation allowing you to pick up just where you left off. The request structure tree view is displayed alongside the design wizard so you can view the components of an entire request and make simple report changes easily.

Shared Report Output was implemented by enhancing UltraQuest Reporter and Library so that output from published or non-published requests can be shared with other groups of users. If you are a Reporter or Library user and select to run the request to held output, you will have the option to pick from a list of user groups with whom you wish to share the output. This user can also select or modify his list of sharing groups while viewing his output in the Output Redirector.

Shared output groups need to be created for this sharing of report output. Alerts are available to automatically notify recipients in the select groups when their shared output is available for viewing.

With version 5.5., you now have the ability to create a request so that when it is run from Reporter or from UltraQuest Library, the user is presented with the alternative to bypass the filtering criteria. Since filters often use prompted request variables to let the user running the request specify filtering criteria, giving the user the option of suspending the filters allows him to select “use all values” instead of applying filtering criteria to the request.

An extended filtering facility has been added so that the filtering can be applied to the whole path of a hierarchical database. An extended filtering expression on a child table will also filter out associated data in all parent tables in the path. Consequently, data that does not pass the filtering criteria is not included in the output.

The main contact at UltraQuest for z/OS sites can order version 5.5 by emailing me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

UltraQuest Demos Featuring the Latest Release, Version 5.5

Sign up now for an UltraQuest demo and see the new Reporter desktop plus other new facilities in version 5.5:

The scheduled dates for the next UltraQuest Webinars are:

  • February 11th

  • March 10th

Click here to register.

If you want to see UltraQuest in action and these dates aren't convenient for you, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your availability.


Now that new year is here, it is now time to plan for the NOMAD or UltraQuest training your company may require for this year. Below is the current schedule of classes for 2010.

If you would like to schedule your employees for any of these classes, or if you would like to schedule onsite training at your facility, please contact your account manager.

Training Schedule - 2010


Introduction to UltraQuest Reporting - April 12-13, November 15-16

Advanced UltraQuest Reporting - April 14-16, November 17-19

UltraQuest File Mapping - June 22-23, October 20-21

UltraQuest Administrator Workshop - June 8-10, August 3-5

UltraQuest Application Development for z/OS - August 17-19


Introduction to Reporting for z/VM and z/OS - February 8-10, August 9-11

Introduction to NOMAD for z/VM and z/OS - February 11-12, August 12-13

NOMAD Windows - March 22-23, September 20-21

NOMAD Application Development - March 24-26, September 22-24

Advanced Report Writing for z/VM and z/OS - May 18-20, October 5-7

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