Select Solution Factory 7.1 Service Pack 2

This Service Pack provides support for Windows 7, and some bugfixes. Please proceed to this download page to choose this service pack for download.


Select Solution Factory Service Pack 2 includes an upgrade to the Fujitsu Enabler repository software. This upgrade fixes some bugs in the repository software and provides support for Microsoft Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate editions.

When applying this service pack, it must be applied to both Client and Server machines. Older clients will be able to connect to servers with the service pack applied. But clients with the service pack applied will not be able to connect to older servers.

To install, download and run the self extracting file to extract the files to a temporary folder, and then run the application SSF 7.1 SP2.exe

Select Solution Factory 7.1 Service Pack 2 addresses the following new features and bug fixes:

Select Architect

Reference Description

HTML Edit Control buttons close the property window if it is not docked.


HTML Edit Control can crash Select Architect on Windows Vista.


Architect crashes in full screen mode.

Enabler Repository

Reference Description
384 Upgraded to Enabler 7.0 SP6 (with Hot Fix 2)
Supports Windows 7 on the server side

Service Pack 1

Select Solution Factory 7.1 Service Pack 2 also includes Service Pack 1 which addresses the following new features and bug fixes:

Select Architect

Reference Description

New feature added: Usage on diagram for all symbols.

110 HTML text shows control tags after MDA Transformation, Model Copy and Model Upgrade
344 BPMN Compensation events not attached to BPMN tasks in correct position.
348 BPMN Task - inconsistent behaviour on new symbol.
359 Crash when trying to create new external items in the business process model.
367 HTML edit control does not handle multiple simultaneous updates correctly.
368 Architect reports insufficient memory to perform operation.

Select Models Neighborhood

Reference Description
347 BPMN Task symbols too big after upgrade.
279, 345 Incorrect "datastore needs upgrading" status when user has no access to the EnablerATF share.

Select HTML Reporting Wizard

Reference Description
364 Report can fail if a diagram is shown twice on the same report.
365 Using a relationship property table causes HTML Report writer to fail.

Select JSync for Eclipse

Reference Description
298 The user can only get a demonstration license for JSync.
Use Eclipse Install/Update facility to install version 7.0.4 from update site.