Select SE 7.02 Service Pack 3

Please proceed to this download page to choose this service pack for download.

The Service Pack should only be installed on machines running Select SE v7.02. Please read the following information before downloading the Select SE service pack:

Clients running previous versions of Select SE should upgrade to v7.02 prior to install. All Windows applications should be closed down prior to running the Service Pack. This Service Pack will not affect any server network install.

Users installing clients from the network install area of a server must subsequently apply this Service Pack.

Service Pack 3 includes SP1 and 2:

Ref     SP3 Enhancements

MPa0100     New datatype 'Date and Time' added. Server Builder mappings provided for Sybase and DB2 environments.

Ref     SP3 Bug-fixes

MPa0184     Data Constraint should take precedence over a Constraint defined on the Data Item.
MPa0204     Correction made to the generation of the INOUT parameter for DB2 target environments.
CPo0165     Additional DDL should be included in Attribute or Data Item default generation.