Select Solution Factory 7.1

Select Solution Factory 7.1 is a major new release of the Solution Factory product line, and introduces support for the OMG Business Motivation Modeling technique.

The major changes in 7.1 are:

  • Support for OMG Business Motivation Modeling
  • Support for Visual Studio
  • Enhancement to Data Modeling to support storage groups and index spaces
  • Enhancement to General Graphics Diagrams to support form prototyping

Release Notes for SSF 7.1

Bug fixes and other changes

Select Architect

Reference Description
4 BPMN task symbol does not grow with text.
281 Crash occurs when a user stereotype colour is set to hollow fil
(Salesforce ref. 7570)l
300 BPMN sequence flows can now have duplicate names.
(Salesforce ref. 7644)
Error message "Insufficent storage to complete operation".
311 BPEL generator can miss closing gateways.
XMISync addin appears in add-in manager as "Select HTML Report Writer 1.0.0"
Colour picker pop-up will only appear on the primary monitor on an extended desktop.
336 Rich text edit control locks after using font dialog.
338 Crash in the find dialog.

Select Models Neighborhood

Reference Description
252, 329
Upgrade does not correctly upgrade models that are more than two versions old.
305 Model import does not work with client install.
324 Fixed error when removing the first item in the user access list.
325 The current metamodel schema version number is displayed in Help About.
330 Implemented upgrade from version 7.0R2 to version 7.1.
331 Incorrect "Needs Upgrading" status when viewing a datastore or model with a more recent schema number.

Select License Manager

Reference Description
340 The "days left" text can be truncated in the evaluation license dialog.

Select HTML Reporting Wizard

Reference Description
302 HTML Report Writer attempts to obtain a license for MDA when generating reports that contain diagrams.

Select Reviewer

Reference Description
332 Tagging of model elements not able to be selective when reporting.
(Salesforce ref. 7692)

Select Solution Factory Installation

Reference Description
303 In certain circumstances comct322.ocx fails to register during installation.
(Salesforce ref. 7677)
339 Enabler installation should not allow paths with spaces.

Known Issues and Restrictions

The following issues have been identified:

Select Architect

Reference Description
344 BPMN Compensation events not attached to BPMN Tasks in correct position.

Select HTML Reporting Wizard

Reference Description
341 Under certain circumstances HTML Reporting can produce an error message that it can't find a HTML file, then procede to open it. This can occur when the default browser is firefox and firefox is not already open.
Please read the relevant knowledge base article below:
Windows error opening Internet shortcut or local HTML file - Firefox