Select Yourdon Professional 4.2a

Select Yourdon Professional includes the Select Yourdon modeling tool, plus the Document Generator.

Release Notes for Select Yourdon Professional 4.2a

Major changes and bug fixes between releases.

SELECT Yourdon 4.2a

STD checking takes Control Flow decomposition into account
STD checking parses the full name for Transitions with long names
STD Transition Node positioning corrected on Transitions with long names
Hatley DFD diagram relevelling fully implemented
Diagram type name correctly handled up to maximum size

SELECT Yourdon 4.2

Inter Project Links report runs valid checks on parent group flows
Diagram Check on DFD validates across inter-project links if they exist
CDIF Export generates correct Process numbers
Upper limit removed on number of diagrams in Diagram Catalogue
Upper limit removed on number of selected diagrams reported in Diagram Catalogue
SC Procedure can be deleted from Jackson Structure Diagram
Size limit removed from Transition name
Flow filtering for STD events and actions enhanced

SELECT Yourdon Document Generator v5.2.0  for Word

Performance enhanced for 32-bit Word versions
Document upgrade problems have been fixed
PSPEC insertion has been enabled
Text Document insertion has been enabled
Figure numbers are generated for diagram insertion

SELECT Yourdon Document Generator v5.1.0  for Word

Bug fixes

Main dialog increased in size to provide more space for component details.
Inserting collection of items with same name does not give desired result.
Table of Contents memory problem fixed when running Word for NT
Word low on memory when updating Table of Contents/Figures running with Word.
Insert Component dialog displayed invalid procedures when no procedure existed.
GPF's found in document generator ver 5.1.3 with Word
Unable to open 'untitled.doc' for simultaneous network use.
Word icon doesn't make Word the active app.
Save As option provided.
Overwritten documents appear multiple times in file list.
Possible to get same file in docgen list twice
Improved reconnection to word.