Select SSADM Professional Workbench 4.1

Select SSADM Professional Workbench includes the Select SSADM Professional modeling tool, plus the Document Generator and SQL Schema Generator tools.

Release Notes for Select SSADM Professional Workbench 4.1

Major changes and bug fixes between releases.

SSADM Professional v4.1.2

Bug fixes

Click on Relationship in LDS invokes the Relationship editor instead of adding a waypoint
Process reused in valid positions on more than one DFD loses its name and ID
External Entity is not a valid type inside the parent process box on a lower-level DFD
Child / DFD / Existing does not revise the ID numbers on the child diagram

SSADM Professional v4.1.1

Year 2000 compliant

SSADM Professional v4.1

New Features

Copy / Cut / Paste / Undo added to all diagram types.
New links exposed via OLE :-
Prime / Foreign
Foreign / Relationship
Process / Child Processes
Process / Input Flows
Process / Output Flows
Improved diagram property handling.
Exclusive Arc name displayed in full.
Faster entry of Data Items on an Entry Point.
Link Phrase included as part of Relationship full name.
Structure box naming is better spaced on UPM/EPM.

Bug Fixes

Deletion of cells in the EAM now purges the item from the dictionary.
EAM now opens correctly when no Events have been defined in a project.
EAM scrolling bugs are fixed.
One-to-One relationships are included in Master and Detail Entity lists.
Entity Attribute name duplication now disallowed.
Duplicate Accesses now require entry of an Effect Qualifier or Entity Role.
Transposition of Operations during generation of UPM/EPM no longer occurs.

SELECT Document Generator for Word 6,7,8

SELECT SSADM Document Generator Version 5.1.1

Year 2000 compliant

SELECT SSADM Document Generator Version 5.1.0

Bug fixes

Dialogs changed to systems colors.
More help how to migrate to new versions of docgen.
More help how to customize docgen.
Main dialogue increased in size to provide more space for component details.
Inserting collection of items with same name does not give desired result.
Table of Contents memory problem fixed when running Word for NT
Word low on memory when updating Table of Contents/Figures running with Word 6.0 for NT.
Insert Component dialog displayed invalid procedures when no procedure existed.
GPF's found in document generator ver 5.1.3 running in NT 4.0 with Word 8
Unable to open 'untitled.doc' for simultaneous network use.
Word icon doesn't make Word the active app.
Long file names supported (Word 7 & 8 versions only).
Save As option provided.
Overwritten documents appear multiple times in file list.
Possible to get same file in docgen list twice
Improved reconnection to word.

New Features

Support added for Microsoft Word v8.
DGProcs.exe replaced by individual components invoked by Ole Automation.  This removes the need for and Genprocs.Cat and allows customizers to write their components in any language which supports Ole.

SELECT SSADM SQL Schema Generator

Version 5.1.5

Year 2000 compliant

Version 5.1.4

New Features

Support for the following SQL variants :
Oracle 7.x
SQL Servet 6.0
Borland Interbase 4.0

Supports referential integrity features under SQL/92 standard.
Now has Re-generation procedure - keeping database tables in step with the model repository.