Select Process Director 2.6

Select Process Director 2.6 contains a number of new features to help project management and resolve some support issues for Vista users.

Release Notes for Process Director 2.6

Main Changes

Project clone You can now clone a project from workshop. This is particularly useful if you find yourself creating multiple projects usually based on the same project creation wizard responses and would like to create a template project rather than using the wizard.
Project based step fidelity reporting The step fidelity report can now be run from the Workshop program against a single project. This extension to the report is useful for project managers who are not necessarily interested in other projects deviations.
Thin client improvements The thin client has been updated with the following improvements:
  • Current project name shown in the header bar
  • External files report added
  • Search functionality performance improvement (results now restricted to top ranked 100 results)
Vista support issues Vista clients saw a number of issues when running the SPD client tools, these have now all been resolved. These fixes include:
  • Back and forward navigation now functioning correctly
  • Edit and OK actions requiring two mouse clicks
  • Virtualisation issues due to installation paths. This issue has been resolved by updating the install program to warn user not to place the Select Perspective and best practice repositories under the Program Files path during installation. For more information on the cause of the issue see:
    Common file and registry virtualization issues in Windows Vista
Repository manager updates The repository manager tool will now store connection information (except the SQL password) to the last used server and an issue with the edit configuration file where any updates made were lost has been resolved.
Quick menu The quick menu shown in the SPD programs has an issue that prevented the links functioning if the process being viewed contained additional information stored in the processes info.html file. This issue has now been resolved and the quick menu links should work as expected.