Select Asset Manager 7.1

Select Asset Manager 7.1 is a major new release of the product.

The major changes in 7.1 are:

  • Ability to upload multiple files to create many artefacts linked to a single asset
  • Clone asset facility
  • Support for Microsoft Visual Studio (through an updated plugin)

Release Notes for Select Asset Manager 7.0 R2a

  New features and bug fixes:

Select Asset Manager Website

Reference Description
190 Improved handling of versions, split, rollback, delete specific version
306 Changes to allow the use of web browsers that support mulitple tabs/windows.
Changes to allow direct access into Asset Manager and Browser by URL.
Improvements to the refresh of the tree view after changes have been made.
Improvements to the user interface.
The user settings page should not have a timeout or try to get a license.
Added functionality to clone assets.
Better handling of artefacts with no associated file.
Added functionality to allow upload of multiple files.
(Not supported in all browsers)
Improvements to the re-use of assets and artefacts.
Multiple download links on same page, checks to see if file already exists on web server.