Select Solution Factory For .NET

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The Microsoft .NET initiative provides enormous benefits, allowing your IT to respond rapidly to today's ever -changing business environment. The market leading Microsoft .NET Framework helps your business to maintain agility by developing integrated solutions based on XML Web Services.

Typical questions asked by Microsoft .NET project managers and software developers include:

  • How can design techniques best be applied to Microsoft .NET and specifically Microsoft Visual Studio .NET?
  • How can the greatest reuse of Microsoft .NET components be achieved?

Select Solution Factory for .NET - is a modeling tool suite that allows organizations to leverage service and component based development to deliver systems that meet evolving business needs. Select Solution Factory tightly couples component build and solution assembly for Microsoft .NET, transforming the way you deliver applications. It allows organizations to manage complex software development projects, increase reuse and deliver more reliable software.

By deploying Select Solution Factory, businesses are able to design and manage the software development of their Microsoft .NET applications in a service and component based development manner within and across development teams. Central to this is the management of 'build' contracts for components, 'Design by Contract', so that a specified component may be developed internally or outsourced externally.

With Select Solution Factory, you have the ability to reuse Microsoft .NET components and automate development, significantly reducing development cycle time and cost. Its flexibility improves time to market, increases staff productivity and enhances the quality of new business applications. Select Solution Factory provides all developers with centralized access to models and component reuse libraries through a networked multi-user repository. The repositories can be configured, to suit any geography of distributed developers. This lets any size, or number, of teams to develop applications faster, with greater consistency, reducing costs. Select Solution Factory scalability means it will work for your organization - no matter how small or large and complex.


  • Use Select Asset Manager's advanced search capabilities to discover what .NET assets you have available for reuse, both within the Global Assembly Cache and your shared component reuse libraries, to increase productivity across the organization.
  • Design .NET solutions, which may even be based on reused .NET assets, with Select.
  • View Select Architect models and Requirements directly within Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, to improve designer/developer communication and support business needs.
  • Use Select's unique visual code synchronization tools directly within Microsoft Visual Studio .NET to align UML models and .NET project code, to increase developer productivity and application quality.
  • Reuse COM and .NET components directly into .NET projects, and receive notification of any updates to these components, to achieve return on developer investment.
  • Publish built .NET assets into a multi-user reuse library from within Visual Studio .NET using Select Asset Manager, making them available for wider reuse.

The unique Select .NET synchronizers within Select Solution Factory generate .NET code from UML designs and visually synchronize with your Microsoft Visual Studio .NET projects. These code synchronization features are fully integrated within the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET development environment. This increases developer quality and productivity by dramatically simplifying the round-trip engineering process. To find out more about Select and C# or Visual Basic, please got to the Select C#Sync o Select VB.NETSync pages.