Select Solution For MDA

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Select Solution for MDA is a ground breaking modeling and transformation tool designed to generate, reverse engineer and synchronize all your model viewpoints and your code, based upon UML designs within Select Architect. Select Solution for MDA helps ensure your Computational Independent Model (CIM), Platform Independent Model (PIM), Platform Specific Model (PSM) and code are all synchronized and immediately ready to support ongoing development, maintenance, enhancement and integration tasks. All the models and code can be worked on in parallel, with simultaneous changes reconciled through selective synchronization.


  • Business (CIM), Analysis (PIM) and Design (PSM) model separation.
  • Traceability and impact analysis between all models and code.
  • Bi-directional automated transformation for both top-down and bottom-up development.
  • OMG's 'Marker' based and 'In Situ' transformation for automated model elaboration.
  • Preloaded best practises, patterns and transformations.
  • Visually build and distribute your own fully configurable and customizable transformations.
  • Full model and code Synchronization.

Full MDA Coverage

Unlike a large number of modeling vendors, Select Solution for MDA provides support for all the features specified by the Model Driven Architecture. Select Solution for MDA provides distinct CIM to allow you to understand the business needs. Many tools claiming to support MDA do not. It also gives you a diagram based PSM so that you can visually design and understand your code. Although this sounds like a given most tools don't provide this and tell you that 'the code is the PSM'. This leaves you just where you started with no way to understand your physical design other than looking at the code. Not only does Select Solution for MDA provide the viewpoint, navigation and transformation needed for MDA it does all bottom up too. This allows you to distill PIM from existing code. These models can then be used to enhance and integrate with your existing code or move to a whole different architecture or language. This reduces the risks involved in selecting your programming languages and IT architectures in the rapidly changing environment of computing.

Select Solution for MDA will:

  • Speed the development life cycle, automatically generating fully specified models and code for languages such as Java, VB, C++ and C#.
  • Allow you to get more code from your models so that time spent modeling actually saves you programming.
  • Provide architectural and technological independence, future proofing your models and providing highly flexible solutions for the future.
  • Close the 'Technology Gap' between business people with their demands and IT staff who deliver software solutions.
  • Rapidly deploy new applications (RAD), ensuring your business requirements and code are always synchronized and effective.