Reviewer for Rose

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Reviewer for Rose is the world's first automated UML design review tool. It reviews standards, accuracy, completeness, style, based upon designs within Rational Rose. Finding problems early has exponential savings later on, but sometimes it is hard to justify the effort. Reviewer typically reduces design reviews from days to seconds, giving you the advantage of early design review, without the previously unacceptable cost.

For designers, mentoring is clear and concise, while deep enough to ensure any problem can be fixed. You can even hot-link to the our website for the very latest design tips and useful Reviewer links. Built as a team and enterprise scale tool from the start, Reviewer for Rose can focus on one designer's area of responsibility while at the same time enable review communication throughout the enterprise with sophisticated information sharing technology. Reviewer for Rose gives you everything you need to measure the quality of your designs, identify design faults and fix them, quickly and easily.


  • Provides a set of highly configurable reviews, grouped into eight general topics.

  • Gives you management information about any design deficiencies.

  • Focuses on rose. MDL Files.

  • Reports detailed errors and warnings, making it the "spell-checker" for design.

  • Describes any errors, the consequences of not correcting them and design patterns for correction.

  • Documents the reviews you have configured as HTML to provide your organization with design standards.