Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE Tool)

Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tools offer many benefits for developers building large-scale systems. As spiralling user requirements continue to drive system complexity to new levels, CASE tools enable software engineers to abstract away from the entanglement of source code, to a level where architecture and design become more apparent and easier to understand and modify. The larger a project, the more important it is to use a CASE tool in software development.

As developers interact with portions of a system designed by their colleagues, they must quickly seek a subset of classes and methods and assimilate an understanding of how to interface with them. In a similar sense, management must be able, in a timely fashion and from a high level, to look at a representation of a design and understand what's going on. For these reasons, CASE tools coupled with methodologies give us a way of representing systems too complex to comprehend in their underlying source code or schema-based form.

Select Business Solutions has been developing and building these CASE tools since the late 1980s, as well as developing processes and methods to support high quality application development.

Solution Breakdown

  • Select SSADM - a Structured Systems Analysis and Design Methodology CASE Tool
  • Select Yourdon - a real time CASE Tool supporting the Yourdon, Hatley-Pirbhai and Ward-Mellor real-time extensions