Code Synchronizers for C#, Java, VB.NET, C++, Forte, XML

Select's code synchronizers provide all the roundtrip engineering features you need to synchronize UML models and programs. For Visual Studio .NET and Eclipse they run directly from with the IDE, accessing Select's multi-user UML repository and providing unparalleled levels of performance, whatever the model size, from one to hundreds of users.

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET integration

  • Generate code in a structured and controlled environment
  • Visually compare models and code, to synchronize all or individual application elements
  • Synchronize your VB.NET andC# application to update or create UML models
  • Browse UML designs and Requirements as you develop VB.NET and C# code, right within Visual Studio.NET
  • Synchronize business requirements directly with VB.NET andC# code, without leaving Visual Studio.NET
  • Use sophisticated reverse engineering techniques to clarify complex designs

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Eclipse integration

  • Drive Java code synchronization with UML packages or classes
  • Generate code, using Java libraries, Beans and EJBs in a structured and controlled environment
  • Map local and corporate business classes to Java classes, including attributes, operations, types, descriptions and parameters
  • Simplify round-trip engineering, using a single interface for all tasks
  • Update your model when Java .class, .jar, .zip or .java files are changed
  • Map model-based tiered architecture to Java web-based architecture

Select JSync Datasheet

Other Select code synchronizers include Select C++Sync, Select ForteSync, Select VBSync and Select XMLSync.

C++Sync Datasheet
ForteSync Datasheet
VBSync Datasheet
XMLSync Datasheet