Business Process Modeling (BPM)

One of the critical success factors of any software project is alignment to the business requirements. The software needs to achieve business sign-off and realize real business benefits. The software industry recognizes the value of high quality Business Process Modeling, prior to the consideration of software automation, and its related benefits and costs. If the software system does not match the needs of the business it was not worth developing it in the first place. Software application design is not just about building the system right, it's about building the right system.

At Select Business Solutions we understand these critical objectives and have supported industry standard Business Process Modeling with Select Solution Factory for many years. Our products allow you to model and understand the business, re-engineer where necessary and then map to designs for software systems. Business focused training and consultancy are also available, to help ensure you build the right systems for your business.

Solution Breakdown

  • Independent quality assurance of the process models and comparison to process models developed over many years by the consultants in multiple problem domains.
  • Visit our Services area to see what courses and consultancy are available for your business process improvements / process maturity.